My Hearing Loss

This short post is designed to inform and educate people on the issue of Hearing loss and the sometimes extreme difficulties it can create for the sufferer. Here goes ......(I’ve tried to keep this short and concise) I wear small behind the ear hearing aids. My hearing loss was due to being born 2 months premature.(On 2 separate occasions I had the last rites read out to me by the hospital nun before I was healthy enough to go home)...sob story completed.

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John F Kennedy Jr and “George” Magazine

Through the front left cockpit window the summer light was quickly fading as the small white Piper Saratoga aircraft continued its journey over the Atlantic Ocean.

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Film v Digital

Ah yes... that age old Photographic argument.

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Why Photography?

The buzz of photography is knowing I have “the shot”, “the image” or “grabbed the moment”...

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