Why Photography?

Well the “buzz” is incredible.....

For me it is akin to playing football when I was younger, cutting inside from the left and from 20-25 yards smashing the ball into the top corner.

The buzz I am talking about is knowing I have “the shot”, “the image” or “grabbed the moment”.

Rowling photography

Yes I am talking about taking a photograph that encapsulates everything about the scene or subject that is in front of me.
If some quirkiness can be added into the mix then even better! If it can make people stop and think, smile, laugh or question.... then Double even Better !!

On these rare occasions the photograph becomes a brilliant photograph and I mean that with sincerity for those odd readers who think I am getting too big for my boots.

Ok,,, I know...the above four paragraphs of this post above has been me me me me me, all about me !

I am fully aware that other Photographers professional or amateurs alike will have experienced the same Buzz that I have mentioned and may compare it to many other feelings of euphoria.

Many times I have been on a job and the shoot goes well, the shots are good, what the client has requested, one has looked for different backdrops, different scenarios, built up a rapport with the person being shot etc etc.Rowling photography

Something is still missing....THE SHOT, THE IMAGE, it can’t always be captured, the occasion doesn’t lend itself unfortunately.

On a rare occasion though the shot and the image does happen, or the idea for the shot happens especially if the image/shoot is set up like a lot of portraits are. 

The Buzz returns.Rowling photography

I have to be honest and say that out of all the photographic genres, documentary is my favourite seconded by portraits.

When doing a personal documentary photo project on and off over a period of time, or doing street documentary photography the buzz shot can still happen.

Though it requires even more concentration, patience, persistence, and reading of ones surroundings because nothing is set up in documentary photography.

A good final selection of documentary shots edited down to tell an overall story are essentially all the buzz shots taken from amongst the good shots.

After having finished shooting for the day either for a client or myself, I can’t get home quick enough to process/ photoshop the job lot of images to drop box or the client if I have to, and bring up “THE SHOT/THE IMAGE” if I have it.

The image is then subtly tweaked (very slight contrast, colour balance or saturation changes) and then put in my desktop folder of what I call Buzz images, to be considered for my website or folio in the future. 

Rowling photographyRowling photographyRowling photography